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Established 2002

Established in 2002, Han's CNC Science and Technology Co, Ltd. (Han's CNC for short) is a national hi-tech enterprise integrating technology research and product development, production, and sales. Han's CNC offers one-stop solutions for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers along with its subsidiaries Shenzhen Mason Electronics Co, Ltd. and Advanced Intelligent Machine Co, Ltd. As one of the world's PCB manufacturing equipment providers with the broadest product porffolio, Han's CNC provides equipment solutions for all types of PCB products, such as conventional rigid multilayer PCBs, high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs, substrate-ike PCBs (SLPs), substrates (IC substrates), and FPC& rigid-flex PCBs, covering all the key manufacturing procedures, including drilling, exposure (innerlayer, outer layer, andsolder mask), routing, electrical performance testing, stiffening, and automated control Currently, Han's CNC offers various equipment solutions, such as solutions for mechcnical drilling and CO2 /UV/ultrafast laser drilling machines, laser direct imaging (LDI)machines, mechanical/laser routing machines, dedicated/universal/high-accuracy testing machines, and steel stiffening and auxiliary material attachment machines. With the advent of the digital age, Han's CNC will spare no effort to improve the globalindustrial competifiveness of domestic PCB dedicated equipment and build up a nation-al brand image of PCB high-end equipment by continuous innovation and enhanced technical standards of equipment to embrace the large-scale automated and intelligent production era of Industry 4.0 in China's PCB industry and make contributions to the intelligent production and smart factories of PCBs

Our business philosophy is to be good at quality and sincere in service. In 2006, the company achieved ISO - 9001 quality certification. We strive for the excellent quality of product and use advanced and high precision testing equipment. We produce each parts through strict quality inspection. The whole machine is to use the speed limit check sum of extra long time work inspection, to ensure delivery and high precision, high stability, high reliability of the equipment. The large technical support and after-sales service network provides strong technical support and good customer value-added services.

Han's CNC Has a large assembly workshop. It's wide, bright, clean and orderly; has fixed production line with all kinds of equipment; has strong yearly supply capacity of producing thousands of special equipment for making the PCB, and superiorly performance of the core parts of supplier management and development, the spare parts inventory management, production manufacturing and quality control, personnel scheduling and so on many aspects of supply chain system, has a worldwide leading delivery ability, can quickly meet the needs of PCB industry of special equipment.

Han's CNC has been advocating team spirit, attention to talent, bold application of new materials, new technology, new process. The company has a group of highly educated, experienced senior professional and technical team and stable expert consultant group, scientific research personnel account for 30% of the company, most of the developers have a bachelor's degree or above. Professional fields include machinery, materials, optics, electronics, automatic control, motion control, electronic information engineering, software, machine vision, etc. Researchers have long been engaged in mechanical design, automatic control, laser technology experts in high academic attainments, are emerging technologies, digital image processing, computer software technology, etc, have rich practical experience of young and middle-aged scholars, as well as rich practical experience of engineers and engineering and technical personnel, formed a reasonable age structure, both the advanced technology, And has rich engineering practice experience of science and technology development team. The company has long-term cooperation with domestic famous universities to establish an industry-university-research and talent oriented training platform to ensure that the company's technology continues to lead. The company also has a number of national scientific and technological achievements, has more than 160 invention patents and hundreds of utility model patents, software Copyrights, and a number of invention patents and utility model patents in the application.