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Newly developed high speed, high precision automatic sheet bonder, using double platform mounting at the same time, faster speed
Product highlights
  • Bonding accuracy ±0.05mm, Cpk> 1.33

    The vision system is developed according to the actual needs of customers on site to ensure the accuracy of actual operations

  • The maximum bonding efficiency is over 5000pcs/h, 0.65s/ PCS excluding the recognition time of upper and lower plates and Mark points

    Ensure productivity and efficiency

  • Automatic loading and unloading, automatic identification of incoming paper/film, reduce the requirements of incoming materials in previous process

    Save a lot of cost, improve productivity, reduce manual contact, prevent product pollution

  • X and Y axes are closed - loop controlled by grating ruler

    Effectively test SMT accuracy to ensure accuracy standard

  • Z axis grating ruler monitoring design, repaste detection

    Automatically identify whether FPC has been attached, greatly reduce waste rate, save raw materials, improve production efficiency

  • Machine dimention

    1980 (L) ×1830 (W) ×2085 (H) mm

  • Feeding mechanism

    Micro adhesive tape rolls

  • Table specifications

    250 mm * 400 mm

  • Machine weight


Environmental requirements
  • The temperature

    21±4 ℃

  • Humidity

    40% ~ 70%

  • Cleanness grade

    The class of 100000

Using parameter
  • Bonding efficiency

    Overall efficiency ≤0.45s/ PC

  • Bonding way

    Double arms, four heads, single piece attaching

  • Bonding accuracy

    ±0.05 mm, Cpk> 1.33

  • Applicable material and thickness

    0.05 ~ 0.3 mm

  • Applicable material specifications

    (2.0 x 2.5) mm ~ (15 x 25) mm

  • The power supply

    380 v±10%; Three-phase five line

  • Air supply

    0.5 ~ 0.8 MPa, 120 NL