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Cover film, electromagnetic film and other film materials processing

★High quality processing: Using ultra-fast picosecond laser, with precision optical system, laser processing edge smooth non-carbonization, higher routing precision, better routing quality, CVL can be pressed for L/S 50/50μm line

★High production capacity: Linear motor with self-developed control system, fast processing speed Optional roll to sheet, roll to roll automatic loading and unloading system, freeing manpower and saving cost

Technical parameters
  • Processing range

    300 mm x 500 mm (11.8 in. X 19.7 in.)

  • System machining accuracy

    ±0.02mm (Han's CNC condition)

  • Work stations

    Double speed double table

  • Maximum power consumption

    4.5 KW

  • Laser power

    30W UV picoseconds