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Small and medium volume batch products routing processing

★ High precision: using finite element modal analysis, frequency response and transient response analysis to obtain the dynamic performance of the machine, using grating scale closed-loop position feedback.

★ High stability: Using German SIEB & MEYER controller, strong anti-interference ability.

★ Extensibility: maximum extensibe 680mm x 810mm, 680mm x 1093mm table size.

Technical parameters
  • Maximum movement speed of X and Y

    30m / min

  • Maximum z-axis velocity

    30m / min

  • Tool magazine capacity

    11/300 pcs

  • Spindle speed


  • Positioning accuracy

    ±0.004 mm

  • Tool breakage detection system

    Non-contact tool breakage detection

  • Repetitive positioning accuracy

    ±0.0025 mm

  • Machining tool diameter range

    Φ 0.5 mm ~ 6.5 mm Φ

  • Overall dimensions

    3405mm x 2038mm x 1570mm

  • Routing precision

    ±0.05mm (Han's CNC condition)

  • The power supply

    3PH-AC380V+N+PE; 50/60HZ; 15KVA

  • X and Y axis measurement system

    Imported grating scale, minimum resolution of 0.4μm

  • Effective processing range

    4-24.5" x 30"(4-622mm x 62mm)

Optional features
  • Real-time tool breaking detection

    BBD fiber optic real-time tool breakage detection function z-axis can detect tool breaking every time lifting

  • Waste box

    Optional waste box, used for manual vacuum cleaning waste

  • Multi tool magazine

    standard 11 tools per axis, more than 200 tools can be selected

  • DNC network monitoring function

    real-time monitoring of the state, power, capacity and all kinds of alarm analysis of each molding machine in the production workshop