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Value-added Service ConceptMaximize the "global efficiency" of the process
The premise of maximizing OEE pursues device "0" failure
Stable operating environment
Qualified peripheral supporting facilities
Preventive maintenance
Failure model analysis output
Han's CNC provides six plate consulting or services OEE focus on providing security means
MES& Automated layout
Restructuring upgrade
Preventive maintenance
Equipment operation monitoring
Infrastructure & supporting facilities
Process management and improvement
Value-added services
  • Pre-sales & infrastructure support

    Coordinate the overall spatial planning, and reserve the space foundation for automatic operation; Effective energy saving and consumption reduction, the establishment of a stable equipment using environment, to create first opportunity of maintenance instead of repair.

  • Equipment full service contract

    Multi-level target, from equipment preventive maintenance integration, to achieve the whole process of depth butler service integration.

  • Equipment in the restructuring

    To achieve new technology on old machines; Double improvement on old machine production efficiency and quality, the imagination space into reality.

  • Spare parts support

    Perfect spare parts inventory, intelligent logistics system, more competitive prices.