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Used for high performance electrical test of IC package substrates such as FC-CSP, PBGA and MEMS

★ Double table position, save space, reduce working time; Suitable for multi - layout step testing

★ Double - sided CCD registration, improve test yield

★ X-Y direction arbitrary step test, reduce the cost of fixture

★ Standard with two wire + four wire test, compatible with READ GATS fixture, can use compound fixture

★ Optional online laser marking, two-dimensional code reading function

★ Customer MES\ERP system requires customized output test information

★ The properties of the receiving table can be customized

Product specification
  • PCB size

    X50 60 ~ 300 x160mm, optional x230mm x50 60 ~ 300

  • PCB thickness

    0.1 ~ 2 mm

  • Machine combined accuracy

    ±5.0 microns

  • Maximum test points

    Optional: 8K, 12K, 16K, 20K, 24K, 28K, 32K;

  • The smallest probe

    The 0.025 mm