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Suitable for communication, computer and peripheral, LED and other high-density products

★Provide 95.25mm long probe or 43.25mm short probe 6x density structure, the maximum test area is 10.08"X15.12"

★LED board step by step test, fixture cost is low, test quality is easy to control

★MASON fixture format, fixture can be X/Y fine tuning, improve PCB test yield

★Rich automatic connection solutions to meet the needs of industry 4.0

The equipment parameters
  • Configure the density

    39.37 mil (six times density)

  • Maximum test area

    256 mm x 384 mm (10.08 in. X 15.12 in.)

  • Maximum test points


  • Testable PCB size

    60mm x 60mm (2.36 in. X 2.36 in.) (min)
    256 mm x 384 mm (10.08 in. X 15.12 in.)(Max)

  • PCB thickness

    0.4~4mm (automatic)

  • Panel weight


Test parameters
  • The test voltage


  • Conduction impedance

    10 Ω ~ 100Ω

  • Insulation impedance

    1 m Ω ~ 100 m Ω

  • Carbon line test

    200 Ω ~ 18K Ω, accuracy: ±10%

  • Buried resistance test

    200 Ω ~ 200KΩ, accuracy: ±10%

Application parameters
  • Fixture specification

    Mason architecture; Compatible with other formats;
    minimum diameter of probe:0.12mm;
    minimum theoretical probe spacing:8mil;

  • CAM support software

    Mason independently developed CAM software MasonCam
    1. MeNet (points selection software)
    2. Me Fix(universal fixture production)
    3. MeTab (maintenance software)

  • Web tabular

    Mason format MXG(other format optional)

  • Fixture fine-tuning

    Method: miniature CCD counterpoint
    Fine stroke: ±0.5mm
    Fine tuning direction: X/Y error correction
    Fine tuning accuracy: soil 0.01mm

  • LED step testing

    Number of steps: upper mold seperating<10 times;
    Step direction: X/Y direction;
    Step accuracy: ±0.01mm

Environmental parameters
  • The power supply requirements

    AC380V±5%, three-phase five-wire system, 50/60Hz, 6KW, 9A

  • Air supply requirements

    Air pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa; Gas consumption: 120L/min

  • Environmental requirements

    No dust; Temperature: 22° C ~ 25° C; Humidity: 40% ~ 60%

Optional features

Spark detection

Fixture fine-tuning

Edge scribing

The laser marking