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Used for drilling large quantities of standard size products

★High speed: XYZ axis full linear motor drive, free maintenance, no wear, efficiency greatly improved

★ High precision: full digital dynamic simulation design of high stiffness mechanical structure, with high-grade parts, grating ruler full closed-loop feedback, drilling precision advanced in the world

★ High stability: years of technical precipitation and market inspection, the achievement of excellent equipment utilization

Technical parameters
  • Maximum movement speed of X and Y


  • Maximum z-axis velocity


  • Positioning accuracy


  • Tool breakage detection system

    Capacitive tool breakage detection

  • Repetitive positioning accuracy


  • Machining tool diameter range

    Ф 0.1 mm ~ 6.5 mm Ф

  • Spindle speed


  • Drilling accuracy

    ±0.018mm(Han's CNC condition)

  • X, Y, Z axis measurement system

    Imported grating scale, minimum resolution of 0.5μm

  • Effective processing range

    6-21.5 "x 28 (6-546 - mm x 711 mm)

  • Overall dimensions

    4138 mm x 2000 mm x 1610 MMM

  • The power supply

    3PH-AC380V+N+PE,50/60HZ; 15KVA

  • Tool magazine capacity

    6-220 pieces, optional Japanese knife plate 6×300 pieces

Optional features
  • TWOPIN function:

    Improve the machine utilization and reduce the production cost

  • Full press foot switch

    Improve the machining quality of micro hole

  • Depth control function

    Depth control precision ±15μm, meet high precision back drilling

  • 250000 RPM high speed spindle

    Improve the machining efficiency of small hole

  • High torque spindle

    Thick copper, high Tg, ceramic and other materials processing