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Core plate through hole and layer blind hole processing, suitable for mSAP, SAP process

★ Apply to mSAP, SAP micro blind hole, through hole resin or directly copper processing, no surface treatment step

★Using picosecond ultra-fast laser technology to solve the quality problems of traditional CO2 laser processing and the bottleneck of small hole processing with glass fiber materials

★High processing speed, precision and quality

Technical parameters
  • Processing range

    550 mm * 650 mm

  • Machining efficiency

    1800 hole/sec/axis

  • Work table

    Double axis double table

  • Processing capacity


  • Laser power

    60W green light picoseconds

  • System machining accuracy

    ±12.5μm (Han's CNC condition)

  • Maximum scanning range of galvanometer

    65 mm * 65 mm

  • Maximum power consumption

    <15 kw